Metolose® SE

METOLOSE® SE food grade is a range of low to high viscosity food quality Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose products.


The main functions of METOLOSE® SE:

  • Texture control at high temperature
  • Retention of moisture
  • Reduction of oil uptake
  • Processing aid for thermally processed products


Product facts
E Number: E 464
Substitution: MeO = 28.0-30.0% ; HPO = 7.0-12.0%
Character: Clear solution, good film forming properties, softest texture


METOLOSE® SE grades:
Grade Labeled Viscosity (2% aqueous solution, 20°C)
SE-15 15
SE-50 50
SE-4000 4000


SE Applications

METOLOSE® is well suited for bakery glazes, icings and coatings due to its excellent film forming properties as well as the moisture retention and thickening properties. It also provides elasticity, decreases crystallation and improves freeze-thaw stability.


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