Tylopur® food

Tylopur® food grade family is a range of low to high viscosity food quality hydroxypropyl methylcellulose products.


Tylopur® food products are produced according to the HACCP and ISO 9001/14001 guidelines. Tylopur® food products are vegetable origin and fully water soluble.


  Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
E No. E 464
21 CFR §172.874
Substitution MeO = 28.0-30.0%
HPO = 7.0-12.0%
MeO = 27.0-30.0%
HPO = 4.0-7.5%
MeO = 19.0-24.0%
HPO = 4.0-12.0%
Character Clear solution, good film forming properties, softest texture Semi-firm thermal gel, better compatibility with others Good compatibility with other materials, soluble in warm condition


Labelled Viscosity (2% aqueous solution, 20°C)
15 SE-15    
50 SE-50 SFE-50  
100     NE-100
400 SE-400 SFE-400  
1500     NE-1500
4000 SE-4000 SFE-4000 NE-4000
15000     NE-15000
25000   SFE-25000  



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