Tylopur® is a low viscosity Hypromellose and is very versatile. It is suitable for many applications in the design film-coated tablet formulations.


In addition, Tylopur® is effective as a binder, since it does not interact with drugs, and has superior stability, nonionic character and is widely used as a binder for granulation. In addition, Tylopur® can be used in place of gelatin for hard capsule manufacturing because of its greater stability.


  • Film coating
  • Wet granulation binder
  • Taste masking
  • Hard HPMC capsule
  • Solid dispersion

Tylopur® grades and Pharmacoat are equivalent in accordance to the chemical-physical properties and therefore we are also convinced that they are comparable with regard to your application properties. Additional technical information for the film coating and granulation binder is available, if you require this please request this from any of the SE PFMD team.

Further information regarding sales or technical for Tylopur® grades, please contact any of the SE PFMD team members or e-mail us on Contact@SE-PFMD.com


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