Video presentations


James DiNunzio, Ph.D.

Enable Formulation Design using Hypromellose Acetate Succinate


Daniel Lyon, Ph.D.

Spray-Dried Dispersions for Bioavailability Enhancement


Dave Miller, Ph.D.

KinetiSol® Processing for Advanced Amorphous Solid Dispersions with HPMCAS


Abu T. M. Serjuddin, Ph.D.

Investigation of HPMCAS-Surfactant and HPMCAS-Drug-Surfactant Miscibility for Solid Dispersion,
Hot Melt Extrusion and Drug Release


Navnit Shah, Ph.D.

HPMCAS Polymers: Opportunities for Amorphous Solid Dispersion



Perfect Gluten free Donuts with Tylopur


How To Make A Perfect Vegan Burger Using Metolose


Vegetarian Sausages with Great Snap and Perfect Mouthfeel using Metolose


Best Vegan Meringue with Metolose


Fillings with Best Stabilization and Mouthfeel using Metolose


High Volume and Softest Texture Gluten-free bread with Tylopur


Vegan Burger with Best Bite and Perfect Mouthfeel using Metolose


Emulsion with Strongest Bite and Best Heat Stabilization using Metolose